Ever since I started selling this book I’ve received countless testimonials from men and women of all different ages professing how my book has helped them get their ex back. I just want to show you a few of these testimonials here and hope you will write me one when you get back your ex using the Ex Recovery Blueprint!

Here’s what others are saying about my book…
(Names have been changed for privacy reasons)

“I Don’t Usually Write Testimonials…”

I was kind of on the fence at first because it’s hard to trust people on the web today, but then I e-mailed you and you got back to me so I thought this guy might actually be the real deal. Well I finally made the decision to buy your book and I’m glad I did. I read it, followed the advice, and low and behold my girlfriend called me! I usually don’t write testimonials but I really felt compelled to here. Lemme know if you’re ever in Los Angeles anytime, I’ll buy you a beer.

– Carl Rodriquez, Age 18, Indianapolis, Indiana USA


“I Want to Write You a Testimonial If I Can”

So my boyfriend wasn’t returning any of my calls, my texts, etc. I was getting really depressed and then I found your website. I’m kind of impulsive so I just immediately bought your book and it worked! My boyfriend is talking to me again. I was making so many mistakes lol, I could have definitely messed things up. I know I’ve been e-mailing you a lot but hopefully you still will continue answering me :). I like your advice. I want to write you a testimonial if I can.

– Taylor Shepard, Age 30, Bristol, England


“So Much I Didn’t Know”

Hey Zac, so it’s been a while since I bought your book but I thought I would give you a shout. I am back in a relationship with my girlfriend and it’s because of you. I really learned a ton of stuff about relationships and psychology from your book, there was so much I didn’t know. I mean, i’ve dated a few girls before, i thought i knew my stuff. Your book really enlightened me though with new information about girls and dating. I got my girlfriend back, but even if i didn’t i feel like the info i learned was well worth the price. Lemme know if you want another testimonial for your website, i’d be glad to give you one.

– Charlie D’Alessandro, Age 25, Los Angeles, CA USA

And many, many more…